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Pop-Up Camper Halloween Costume

Check out this fun DIY Pop-Up Camper Halloween Costume.

Each fall we attend a camping rally with other pop-up camper owners in Illinois. Since it occurs in October, the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating around the campsites. The adults usually don’t dress up, but I (Diana) decided that I would dress up in a themed costume. I created this Pop-Up Camper Halloween Costume.

Pop-Up Camper Halloween Costume


four 20″x30″white foam core boards
ruler or straight-edge
box cutters
white utility tape
two mesh bags
fabric (I used an old sheet)
cable ties
stretchy headband
wide ribbon
silver utility tape
mini foam ball
black marker
nut & bolt

I put this camper Halloween costume together quite frugally. I purchased the foam boards and mesh bags at Dollar Tree.

Since the foam boards are on the thin side, I purchased an extra one for the roof. I had the rest of the supplies on hand.

Pop-Up Camper Costume Directions

Cut two foam boards in half lengthwise, which gives you four 10″x30″ pieces. Two of these are the sides of the trailer.
Cut 10″ off two of those boards which leave you with two 10″x20″ pieces. These are the front and back of the trailer.
Cut a large circle out of one of the 10″ pieces and use a black marker to draw on the tire.

Cut another board in half the short way which gives you two 15″x20″ pieces. These are the bunk ends.
The remaining board is the roof. If your boards are thin, I recommend taping two boards together to create a reinforced roof.
Attach the elastic headband to the middle of the roof with cable ties.

Tape the four side pieces together to form the box of the trailer.
Tape the bunk ends onto the short sides of the trailer. They should be able to move up and down.

Add two loops to the top of each side of the trailer to use later to attach straps.

Cut the following pieces out of the fabric:

  • (2) 30″x20″
  • (1) 30″x26″
  • (2) 15″x26″, then cut in half diagonally
  • (2) 11″x26″
  • (1) 9″x2.5″

Cut a double layer of 9″x24″ mesh.

Cut single layer triangles of mesh for the bunk ends and rectangles for each side of the screen door, using the pieces they are going on as a guide. I only put screen on the front of the canvas.

Sew the canvas together. Start by sewing the 9″x2.5″ piece of fabric to the top of the large mesh piece. Stitch the screen onto the 11″x26″ pieces and then sew those to each side of the screen door.

Sew the screen onto the bunk end triangles. Sew those onto each side of the main piece. Stitch the 30″x20″ pieces to the long side of the bunk ends.

Sew the other side of those 30″x20″ pieces to the bunk ends on the other side.

Finally, stitch the remaining piece in place. This is what the canvas looks like.

Attach the canvas to the roof.

First I taped the canvas in place, but the tape wasn’t strong enough to hold it. I went back and stapled the canvas in place and then taped over it.

Attach the canvas to the trailer box.

Finally, I stapled and then covered with utility tape.

Carefully get into the camper Halloween costume by pulling it over your body and putting the elastic band over your head to hold up the roof.

Measure and cut straps out of the wide ribbon. I crisscrossed mine in the back.
Attach the straps to the loops on the inside of the trailer. I stapled mine in place.

Have fun with the costume by popping it up and down. I held a finger out in the middle of each bunk end to make it look like bunk end canvas support poles. Isn’t it fun?

I was able to walk around and see out the screen door of the camper.

Now that you’ve seen how I made this, here are the supplies you need. Consider adding some stripes or stickers to the outside of your camper.
Pop-Up Trailer Camper Halloween Costume Tutorial - Want to make a camping themed costume? Follow this tutorial for a Pop Up Camper Halloween Costume and WOW your family and friends. This camping costume has movable parts with the bunk ends going up and down. #Halloween #costume #camping

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Mother of 3

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

That is hilarious! I bet it was a huge hit. Pinned.


Monday 8th of October 2018

Thanks! It was fun to create.


Friday 28th of September 2018

So cute! Halloween doesn't usually inspire my creativity the way it does for some. There have been a few years of original costumes I enjoyed putting together. Your pop-up camper is great! Hmmm... gives me some renewed motivation!


Monday 8th of October 2018

So glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by!


Monday 24th of September 2018

This is so great!!!!! What a fantastic idea!!! Thanks for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty!


Monday 24th of September 2018

You are welcome, Ashley!


Monday 17th of September 2018

This is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. Very creative original idea. We are pop up trailer owners so we really appreciate the humour.


Monday 17th of September 2018

Thank you!!

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