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Best Camping Pizza Recipes

Does your family love pizza? Want to know the best way to make pizza while camping? Look no further than these great camping recipes!

Our family loves pizza, especially the kids. Since we camp a lot, pizza is a top request. However, the family does not want to eat the same pizza each campout. We have scoured the internet to find the best pizza recipes to make while camping.

3 campfire pizzas

Top Camping Pizza Recipes

This selection of recipes includes nine different camping pizzas. That means that you can prepare a different recipe each time you camp and not have any repeats all season. Campfire grilled pizza for the win!

From skillet to pie iron to Dutch oven, this collection is sure to include your favorite method of cooking. Pizza is certainly part of a great weekend camping menu.

Pie Iron Pizzas

Kids of all ages love cooking with pie irons! Check out these recipes that include ways for each person to customize their serving.

Pie Iron Pizza Sandwiches

These Pudgy Pie Pizza Sandwiches are a favorite with our family. This is our son’s favorite way to make pizza while camping. We recommend bringing extra ingredients because everyone will want more than one!

person holding a pizza sandwich while camping

Pie Iron Pizza Pockets

Another handheld option is these Pie Iron Pizza Pockets from Fresh Off The Grid. These pockets can be made with pizza dough from scratch or store-bought refrigerated dough and filled with your favorite toppings.

image credit: Fresh Off The Grid

Frozen Pizza

Everyone will get a kick out of baking their favorite variety of Frozen Pizza over the Campfire. Even a cheap pizza will taste amazing when you bake it this way. Add some toppings or spices to really elevate these slices.

3 campfire cast iron pizzas

Dutch Oven Pizza

Pizza made in the Dutch Oven is delicious and came be made with either refrigerated or made-from-scratch dough. The deep-dish style shown below was created by pushing the dough up the sides of the Dutch oven before baking. Yes, it was as amazing as it looks.

homemade cheese pizza baked in a Dutch oven

Campfire Pizza Recipes

Here is a group of recipes that can be made over the campfire or grill.

Giant Pizza Sandwich

Campers will love sinking their teeth into this big Grilled Pizza Sandwich from the Campfire Foodie. Load it up with your favorite toppings. We love the simplicity of this recipe.

large grilled pizza sandwich on French bread
image credit: Campfire Foodie

Pizza Bread Bake

Just like the previous recipe, this uses a loaf of French bread. This Pull-Apart Pizza Bread is made in a foil pan and is fun to eat with your fingers.

close up of a pan of Campfire Italian Bread Pizza

Pizza with Veggies

This Veggie Pizza recipe from Champagne Tastes shows a creative way to use refrigerated pizza dough. You do not have to be a vegetarian to enjoy this delicious skillet pizza.

vegetarian pizza made over the campfire
image credit: Champagne Tastes

Grilled Pizza Buns

This simple Campfire Pizza Bun recipe solves the issue of what should you do with those leftover buns. Kids will enjoy making and eating these.

Campfire Pizza from Scratch

Finally, there is this Camping Pizza from Scratch from Fresh Off the Grid. The cast-iron skillet recipe includes details on how to perfect the pizza crust.

image credit: Fresh Off The Grid

We hope this gives you some good ideas of what to make next weekend. While these were made out at the campground, you can make most of them at home too.

Have you made any of these recipes yet? What is your favorite campfire pizza?

collage of different campfire pizza recipes

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