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Tips for Camping Sex without Waking the Kids

Here are some tips on how to have camping sex and not wake up the kids or neighbors. There is a free Don’t Come a-Knocking printables link at the bottom of the post.

You are camping and all relaxed being away from the stresses of work and home. Nothing could be better, or not?

The stars are out, the campfire is crackling, and romance is in the air. You are feeling frisky!

You want to have a little private time with your partner, but the kids or neighbors are around.

What are you to do? Get it on!

These tips will help you to enjoy some RV sex without anyone noticing. You can have fun and be discrete all at the same time!

romantic couple camping with a tent

How to Have Sex in the Camper

We are highlighting seven ways to have sex while camping. If you have a recommendation for ways to be discrete as a sex camper.

Wear the Kids Out – If you have children that sleep like the dead, then you are all set to go once they fall asleep.

However, if you are like many of us, your kids rouse at loud noises.

You can keep things quiet, but make sure the kids are in a deep sleep before you have camper sex by wearing them out with lots of daytime activities like swimming, hiking, and biking.

Just make sure you do not wear yourself so you have enough energy to enjoy each other.

You might also consider an early morning rendezvous if your kids are hard to wake up.

Use White Noise – Many camping units, like a pop-up trailer, do not afford any privacy.

Put on a fan, air conditioner, radio, or white noise machine to drown out any noises you might make.

Where to Have Camping Sex, RV or Not

Go to the Vehicle – Are the kids asleep in the tent or trailer?

Reenact your early days and have sex in the car.

campsite with a pop-up camper trailer

Set up an Extra Tent – Have an extra tent on hand?

Set it up to be a multi-use space. It can be used as a changing room.

The kids can play in it during the day or watch a movie inside in the evening, leaving the trailer available for sex in camper.

Or you can sneak away to the tent once the kids are asleep in the other tent or trailer.

tent and trailer at a campground

Swap – Go camping with friends or family and swap. KIDS, not partners!

Take turns hosting a movie night at each other’s campsite or keep all the kids busy with games or crafts while the others sneak away for private time.

kids painting rocks

You can also sneak off into the woods for a little romp in the leaves.

Afternoon Delightqueue Starland Vocal Band…

Use Individual Shower Rooms – If you are staying at a place with individual shower rooms that open to the outside, take advantage!

You can lock the door, lather each other up, and save on water!

This is our favorite way to have camping sex.

bathroom shower house at a campground

Camping might not afford the privacy for making love, but don’t be thwarted.

Be quiet and discrete.

When having sex in camper keep the curtains pulled and make sure all the trailer supports and jacks are in place. Especially if you are in a pop-up trailer!

Free Sex While Camping Signs

Need a sign on your door to let others know not to come knocking? I have created fun signs that say If the Camper is a-rockin’ then don’t come a-knockin’.

These cute signs come in four designs, each displaying a different RV. Sign up below and get all four.

collage of if the camper is rocking free download signs


Tuesday 25th of April 2023



Monday 1st of August 2022

Great information

Doug Smith

Sunday 24th of April 2022

In your weekly email, could you please increase the contrast between the font and the screen? My 78 year old eyes have a very hard time reading it.

Diana Hansen

Monday 25th of April 2022

Our 50-something eyes had issues with it too. I will make adjustments. Thank you for letting us know.

Christopher kates

Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

if the firelight is just right and were some distance away from next site, we cuddle up at the fire in chairs and play under the one will make a big deal out of it in my opinion. but hey never know what might happen, were all adults right?... hehe

Let's Camp S'more

Friday 25th of June 2021


Campsite Casinova

Monday 3rd of August 2020

Have a very private site that backs up to the edge of the park? Wait until it gets pitch black outside and have a big blanket or sleeping bag set up on the ground for “some stargazing”. The big blanket hides what the darkness doesn’t. This works best if kids are out cold in the camper after a day of swimming and hiking.

Let's Camp S'more

Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Awesome suggestion! Happy camping ;)

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