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Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes for Camping

Do you eat the same thing for dinner each campout? Are you looking for some variety? Here are 24 Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes that can be made on your next camping trip.

four dutch oven recipes made with chicken

Chicken is the most popular meat in the US due to its versatility. Whether broiler, breasts, thighs, or legs, this inexpensive meat is a clear choice for a complete meal.

Cut down on how much cookware must be cleaned using a cast-iron Dutch oven for delicious one-pot meals. Line the pot for quick cleanup.

Recommended Dutch Oven: 12 inch / 8 quart Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Camp Oven

Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes

From dump and cook to more elaborate prep, you will surely find a few meals to add to your recipe list. These tasty chicken recipes are organized as follows:

  • Classics
  • One-Pot Wonders
  • Soups & Stews
  • Ethnic Dishes

Dutch Oven Chicken Heat
Chicken must be cooked until the internal temperature reaches 165° F. Use a Dutch Oven Temperature Chart to guide creating heat and check the pot with an Infrared Thermometer. A meat thermometer is used to check the internal chicken temperature.

Dutch Oven Chicken Recipes

Here are the best Chicken Recipes made in a Dutch Oven that are ideal for camping.

Traditional Chicken Recipes

Chicken is comforting because it contains nutrients linked to mood. Feel good while camping with one of these classic chicken recipes.

One Pot Chicken Meals

We think of our cast iron Dutch oven as a camping slow cooker. It is great cookware for creating a delicious chicken main course. Stack two ovens and bake dessert at the same time as dinner.

Dutch Oven Chicken Soups & Stews

Nothing says comfort food like a chicken stew or soup. Using leftover chicken, rotisserie chicken, or canned meat leads to a delicious dish that requires little effort.

Ethnic Chicken Recipes

Of all types of poultry, chicken is the most common worldwide. Here are four recipes that have roots in other countries.

More Dutch Oven Tips
Your cast-iron pot should have a flat, tight-fitting lid to place hot coals on.
To keep the chicken from drying out or burning, make sure to add enough liquid.

Did you find some new Dutch oven chicken recipes for your next campout? Do you have a favorite that is not on our list? Let us know what it is!

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