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Tips for Exercise While Camping

This camping fitness post is sponsored Silver&Fit.

Learn about the many ways you can get exercise and keep fit while camping.

woman taking a selfie with her family walking through the woods in the background

Being outside tops our list of things to do. Whenever our schedule and the weather permits, we spend as much time as possible outside. Obviously, camping is our favorite outdoor activity.

Our health and well-being are also of utmost concern, so we want to make sure we are getting proper exercise while we camp. We keep fit by walking, hiking, biking, and taking online fitness classes.

Our Favorite Ways to Get Exercise While Camping

Walking & Hiking

Walking is the activity we spend the most time on, whether it be home or while camping. We love to walk around and check out all the sites of the campground or walk along the beach, or just check out the area surrounding a campground.

We also love to go hiking. The challenge of uneven terrain or elevation changes provides us with a great workout. We live in Central Illinois where it is flat, so unless we are camping we do not get much hiking in. Our favorite area hiking spots with camping are Fox Ridge State Park in Illinois and Turkey Run State Park in Indiana.

man climbing up the stairs on hiking trail 3 at Turkey Run State Park in Indianakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Riding Bikes

Bicycling is another activity that we enjoy. It is Eric’s very favorite thing of all. He commutes to work by bicycle and has an indoor trainer at home so that he can ride anytime he wants. He rode 5000 miles last year, and has a goal of 6000 miles this year.

selfie of a couple riding bikes for exercise while camping

If there are good bike trails nearby, we will take our bicycles with us when we go camping. A few years ago, we planned a family camping vacation around the Trout Run Trail in Decorah, Iowa.

Sometimes we will rent bicycles on trips, as we did on the Virginia Creeper Trail and along the Potomac Heritage Trail in Maryland. We even rented bicycles in Holland a few years ago.

a family riding bikes along a path next to Lake Michigan in WIsconsin

Best Camping Workout

Keeping up with stretching and strength training can be a challenge while traveling, so we turn to online classes to keep up with fitness.

a couple exercising next to motorhome

Free Online Exercise Classes

We love to take Silver&Fit Fitness classes. These free classes are streamed on their Facebook page. Occasionally we are able to catch a class live, but mostly we take recorded classes on our own time table.

a couple taking chair yoga at a campground

Silver&Fit offers yoga, cardio, flexibility & balance, strength, dance, and tai chi classes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. There are 9 classes a day, 6 days a week.

a couple doing lunges for exercise while camping

We enjoy the International classes, which make you feel like you are in a different location. Of course, we camp all over the country, so we are in a different location when we exercise. We got to enjoy classes outdoors on our recent Gulf Coast Camping Trip.

a couple doing a breathing exercise during a beginner yoga class

Check out all the class offerings from Silver&Fit. Each week there are 54 classes streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

fitness class schedule from Silver & Fit

Other Camping Fitness Activities

Depending on where we are set up, we enjoy special outdoor activities on water or air. This has included white water rafting, kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, ziplining, and even a high ropes course.

As you can see we are very active people. All these extra activities while we camp certainly challenge different muscles, which necessitates us to keep up with stretching. The free yoga classes from Silver&Fit really help us to relax and re-center.

What are your favorite ways to get exercise while camping?  


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