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65 Fire Ban Camping Recipes

Fire restrictions are becoming more common, which can make camping challenging. What can you cook when there is a fire ban? We have put together a collection of recipes that you can make when restrictions are in place. Blackstone Camping Recipes are included in this collection.

collage of fireban and blackstone recipes

Can you Cook during a Fire Ban?

Yes, you can still cook outdoors when a fire ban is in place. You just need to determine what the fire danger is and plan accordingly. Propane appliances, such as a grill, stove, or griddle are acceptable because the heat turns off with a switch.

Fire restrictions vary by stage and location. Some places allow campfires in a permanent fire pit, while others do not allow wood or charcoal fires under any circumstance. It is your responsibility to check out the fire restrictions or bans in the area before and during camping. We like to check InciWeb, which is the Incident Information System, to get up-to-date information on where fires are occurring. Then we cross-reference the local restrictions.

Fire Ban Camping Recipes

We have gathered 65 recipes that can be safely made during a fire ban. This includes propane grills, camping stoves, or a propane griddle, such as a Blackstone. We have even included a few no-cook and make-ahead recipes.

This extensive collection of recipes will help keep you fed all season.

Camping Breakfast Recipes

What can you make for breakfast while camping without a campfire? If you are tired of eggs & bacon, oatmeal, or donuts, try one of these great recipes.

Blackstone Breakfast Quesadillas

These Griddle Breakfast Quesadillas are easy to make and fun for something new. Everyone can customize their own, too.

Breakfast Quesadillas
image credit: Stef’s Eats & Sweets

Griddle Hash Browns

Top your Griddle Hash Browns with eggs.

Griddle Hash Browns with Eggs
image credit: Erica’s Recipes

Bacon & Egg Grilled Cheese

You will enjoy this breakfast version on a lunch favorite with these Bacon & Egg Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Grilled Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich
image credit: Serena Bakes Simply From Scratch

Skillet Breakfast

You can feed a crowd with this Easy Skillet Breakfast.

Camping Donuts

Create Camping Donuts on the camp stove.

camping doughnuts
image credit: Create Kids Club

Blackstone Texas French Toast

Enjoy some Texas French Toast made on the griddle.

Blackstone French Toast
image credit: Home Fresh Ideas

Banana Pancakes

Love fluffy pancakes? Try these delicious Banana Pancakes.

Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches

Make your own Breakfast Croissant Sandwiches on the Blackstone griddle.

Blackstone Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches
image credit: Erica’s Recipes

Griddle Camp Sandwiches

Use your flat-top griddle or a skillet to make one of these amazing sandwiches.

Pizza Sandwiches

While these Pizza Sandwiches have instructions for a pie iron, you can cook them on a griddle instead.

close up of 2 pie iron pizza sandwiches

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Enjoy a hearty Monte Cristo Sandwich with this tasty recipe.

2 monte cristo sandwiches
image credit: The Good Hearted Woman

Pesto Grilled Cheese

Tomato and basil add a wow factor to these Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Leftover Steak Sandwiches

Use leftovers to create these amazing Steak Sandwiches on the griddle.

leftover steak sandwiches on a griddle
image credit: My Sequined Life

Ham & Cheese Pull-Apart Sandwiches

This easy Camping Ham & Cheese Bread recipe makes enough sandwiches to feed the whole family, and can be customized with your favorite deli meat and cheese!

campfire ham and cheese bread
image credit: Mommy Kat and Kids

Skillet Recipes

Make these skillet recipes on a camp stove or propane grill.

Kielbasa & Cabbage

This Kielbasa and Cabbage Recipe cooks quickly in a cast-iron skillet on a camp stove or grill.

kielbasa and cabbage in a skillet over a campfire

Easy Skillet Fajitas

See how easy it is to make Campfire Fajitas in a Skillet.

skillet fajitas
image credit: Roaming My Planet

Prep Ahead Stir Fry

Do the chopping at home, which will make this Camping Stir Fry go together quickly out at the campground.

camping stir fry with fresh vegetables and chicken

BBQ Potato Skillet

This Easy BBQ Potato Skillet can be made with sweet, regular, or even frozen potatoes.

BBQ meat and potatoes with cheese in a skillet

Pulled Pork Poutine

Here is a camping version of the Canadian favorite. This Pulled Pork Poutine can be made with your meat of choice.

poutine with pulled pork in a cast iron skillet

Mushroom Chickpea Hash

We used wild chanterelles to make this Mushroom Chickpea Hash, but you can use your favorite variety of edible mushrooms.

Cheese Curd Toss

Toast and tomato make this Cheese Curd Skillet recipe tasty and fun.

Taco Salad

Cook the meat in a skillet and then put together a Taco Salad with your favorite toppings.

Autumn Veggies & Pasta Skillet

Autumn vegetables add flavor to this Veggie & Pasta Skillet.

Vegetables and pasta in a skillet
image credit: Our Wabi Sabi Life

Spicy Moroccan Shakshuka

Spicy Moroccan Shakshouka (Shakshuka) is a one-skillet recipe that includes cooking eggs in a thick, delicious tomato-based stew with onion, garlic, and chili. Garnish it further with avocado, cilantro, and feta cheese.

Blackstone Camping Recipes

Make these recipes on a flat-top griddle, such as a Blackstone. If you do not have a Blackstone Griddle, you do not know what you are missing!

Steak Stir Fry

This Steak Stir Fry is easy to make and sure to feed your whole camping family.

Blackstone Stir Fry
image credit: Stef’s Eats & Sweets

Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon

This flavorful Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon will be a frequent request of fish lovers.

Chicken Dijon with Garlic & Jalapeno

This Grilled Dijon Chicken With Garlic And Jalapeno has a little heat and zing from the super simple homemade marinade.

Blackstone Grilled Kielbasa, Tortellini, & Spinach Casserole

Blackstone Kielbasa, Tortellini, & Spinach Casserole is easy to make on a flat top griddle. This unique dinner recipe will make your taste buds dance!

Blackstone Grilled Kielbasa, Tortellini, & Spinach Casserole
image credit: Sparkles to Sprinkles

Chicken Quesadillas

This Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla is easy to prepare with precooked chicken breasts. You can even make them at home and heat them up on the griddle.

Chicken Quesadillas
image credit: iFOODreal

Mahi Mahi with Mango Salsa

You don’t need to be camping on a beach to enjoy this Easy Grilled Mahi Mahi With Mango Salsa! Camping for Foodies has several recipes that can be made during fire restrictions.

Apple Ham & Cheddar Quesadillas

Enjoy a great taste combo with these Apple Ham & Cheddar Quesadillas.

apple ham cheddar quesadillas
image credit: Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Ham Fried Rice

See how fun and easy it is to make Ham Fried Rice on a Blackstone.

ham fried rice made on a griddle
image credit: Learning to Smoke

Chicken Fried Rice

Don’t forget chicken! Your family will love this easy Chicken Fried Rice.

Cabbage Steaks

Try something new with these Cabbage Steaks with Bacon.

Marinated Hibachi Steak

Make Hibachi Steak on your griddle.

hibachi marinated steak
image credit: Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!

Grilled Fire Ban Camping Recipes

Tired of plain-old hamburgers and hot dogs? Try one of these tasty foods made on the grill.

Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Sticks

Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks are sure to disappear quickly, so double the recipe.

Grilled Salmon

Perfectly Grilled Salmon is easy to make and needs minimal prep.

how to grill salmon
image credit: Clan Kitchen

Grilled Pizza Buns

What should you do with leftover hamburger and hot dog buns? Make Grilled Pizza Buns.

3 grilled pizza buns in a pan

Beer Can Chicken

This Beer Can Chicken is a whole chicken that is coated in a homemade BBQ spice rub, then placed on top of a beer can and grilled to smoky and tender perfection.

Beer Can Chicken on a Grill
image credit: Dinner at the Zoo

Grilled Shrimp

This is a simple Grilled Shrimp Summer Appetizer with so much flavor and only three simple ingredients – shrimp, sage leaves, and pancetta.

Indian Street Corn

This Indian Street Style Corn-On-The-Cob will make the perfect side with your next camping meal.

Indian Street Corn
image credit: Cookilicious

Mexican Chorizo Pizza

Enjoy a unique pizza made with pita or flatbread with this Grilled Mexican Chorizo Pizza.

Grilled Pineapple

Have you ever had Grilled Pineapple? It is so good!

Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad Skewers

Enjoy Chicken Cesar Salad on a Stick.

Chipotle Lime Shrimp Skewers

These Chipotle Lime Shrimp Skewers are delicious and so easy to make plus, you only need a few simple ingredients!

Chipotle Lime Shrimp Skewers
image credit: More With Less Today

Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

Wrap Asparagus with Bacon and grill it for a great side dish. Alli has several Fire Ban Camping Recipes on her blog.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
image credit: Dancing Through The Rain

Grilled French Bread Pizza

Grilled French Bread Pizza is an easy meal that everyone will devour! It’s absolutely fantastic on the grill and the perfect camping meal.

Grilled French Bread Pizza
image credit: Butter our Biscuit

Southwestern Bacon Cheeseburgers

There is so much flavor in these hearty Southwestern Bacon Cheeseburgers.

southwestern bacon burger
image credit: Boulder Locavore

Cajun Corn Salad with Fire Roasted Corn

This Cajun Corn Salad makes a tasty side dish with more zest and spice than your traditional veggies. It’s the best way to add flavor to your BBQ.

Cajun Corn Salad
image credit: Ottawa Mommy Club

Cheesy Sausage Pineapple Skewers

Your family will love these Cheesy Sausage Pineapple Skewers.

Camping Desserts Made Without a Campfire

Can’t have a campfire or use your Dutch Oven? No problem! Here are some tasty sweets you can make during a fire ban.

S’more Nachos

S’more loves will want to make these S’more Nachos in a cast-iron skillet on the grill.

Grilled Pound Cake with Berries

Enjoy this red, white and blue grilled dessert on all of your camp trips, especially during the patriotic holidays.

No Roast S’mores

Yes, you can make S’mores when you cannot have a fire using chocolate frosting and marshmallow creme.

Blueberry Grunt

Create a delicious skittle cobbler with this Blueberry Grunt.

S’more Snack Mix

This simple S’mores Mix can be mixed up at home or at the campground. Grab the easy recipe and download some free camping-themed party decorations.

s'more snack mix

Grilled Peaches

These Grilled Peaches are seared on the grill until tender and caramelized, then brushed with cinnamon honey for a sweet finish.

honey grilled peaches
image credit: Dinner at the Zoo

S’more Quesadillas

Make these gooey S’more Quesadillas on your flat-top griddle.

No-Bake Cheesecake Balls

Make these fun Cheesecake Balls at home to take with you. Mix in chocolate chips, dried fruit, and nuts.

Campfire Cupcakes

Make Campfire Cupcakes at home and take them out to the campsite with you. These adorable themed cupcakes are both charming and delicious!

Campfire Cupcakes with marshmallows
image credit: Champagne and Sugarplums

Camper Stove Recipes

Jackfruit Veggie Stew

Looking for something a little healthier? Try this Jackfruit Veggie Stew.

bowl of Jackfruit Vegetable Soup

Pasta with Clam Sauce

This Pasta with Clam Sauce is a great non-perishable meal to make while camping – it uses only dry or canned ingredients!

Camping Pasta with Clam Sauce
image credit: Fab Everyday

Sloppy Joe Dinner

This Sloppy Joe Dinner is great for tent camping or backpacking.

Chicken Campfire Stew

This Chicken Campfire Stew is always a hit when camping! Packed with vegetables and lots of flavor.

Classic Chili

While this Classic Chili is made with beef, it is easily adaptable to your favorite proteins.

Rotini Pasta

Make this Rotini Pasta at home or out at the campground.

Campfire Rotini Pasta Dish
image credit: Champagne & Sugarplums

No-Cook Camping Recipes

No need to do any cooking with these easy recipes.

Charcuterie Board

Create a Charcuterie Board using prepared ingredients. You will want to spread this out in the shade and eat quickly if it is hot out.

overhead view of a charcuterie board on a picnic table

Crab Salad

Make Crab Salad at home and take it out for the first night of camping. Kids will love pasta substituted for the coleslaw mix.

plate of crab salad

TikTok Inspired Nori Wraps

These TikTok-inspired Nori Sushi Wraps with canned tuna, avocado, and cucumbers are easy, delicious, and fun! Endless topping variety and so delicious!

TikTok Inspired Nori Wraps

Restrictions are not going away anytime soon. Hopefully, these Fire Ban Camping Recipes make your next camping trip a little easier!

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