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Make Your Own Scented Fire Starter

Learn how to make your own scented Fire Starter for your next camping trip.

Make Your Own Scented Fire Starters

Did you ever make fire starters in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts? I remember learning how to make them years ago. They were fun to make and they really helped with getting a campfire started. You might have made a fire starter before, but did you make a scented one? See how easy it is with items you probably have on hand.

DIY Scented Fire Starter


cardboard egg cartons
dryer lint
scented candles
empty can


Cut the lid off of a cardboard egg carton and place it underneath the bottom.
Stuff the bottom of the egg carton with dryer lint. You will have to pull the lint apart to stuff into each section. Really stuff it full!

Melt your candles in a double boiler. This is done by placing your candle into a clean empty can and placing the can into a pot of water. Boil the water to melt the wax. Since I was making a large batch, so I used candles in two cans.

When the wax is melted, carefully pour it over the lint in the cartons. Caution! The can will be hot! The top of the egg carton helps collect any wax overflow. I placed some cardboard below the egg cartons to protect the kitchen counter. This is a fun project to make while camping too!

The wax will harden quickly. You can see that I had some colorful lint.

Tear the each fire starter apart. Use one or two at a time to help start your fire. The scented candle adds a nice scent to the fire. The colored wax will leave some colored ash behind too. What scent will you make your fire starters?DIY Scented Fire Starters - Need help starting a fire? Make your own scented fire starter for the best campfire ever. This DIY project is fun and easy to do. #DIY #fire #camping

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