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Gifts for RV Owners from the Experts 2023

Looking for the best camping gifts for RV owners? We contacted over 275 experienced campers and used their insights to compile the RV gift ideas below.

There are many products needed when it comes to having a great camping experience, including tools for your RV or tent, cooking gear, campfire gear, and comfort items, to name a few. 

best camping gifts

Whether camping in state or national parks, RV parks, or off-grid using solar panels, RV campers always look for practical gifts for a small space. RV travelers are always looking for gear that fits in their limited storage space.

Recently, we reached out to over 275 camping experts to see which products they use. We asked them to share why these are their favorite camping items.

These camping professionals are bloggers, book authors, course creators, popular Instagrammers, full-time RVers, and long-time campers.

We asked these seasoned experts to give us their three favorite camping products and why they love them. Then we broke down the data to create this ultimate guide to excellent gifts for camper owners. Use this to find a birthday gift or Christmas gift this holiday season.

The goal of this gift guide is not to bombard you with many different suggestions, but instead, to provide a shortlist of expert-tested camping gear that can use or gift. You are certain to find a great RV gift idea or two and not have to purchase gift cards

25 Best Gifts for RV Owners (Based on 800+ Votes)

Below, we have broken down the suggested items into different lists and created a shortlist of the 25 best gifts for camper owners. Since there were so many votes for comfortable camping chairs and coffee makers, we divided these two categories into lists of ten.

We have also curated a camping gift bundle and two lists of awesome gifts in two price ranges. Several expert suggestions are included toward the bottom so you can get a more in-depth look at items to spark your interest. Recommendations from each of us are included.

Favorite Camping Chair

Favorite Coffee Maker

1 – Keurig
2 – Percolator
3 – Insulated French Press
4 – Mr. Coffee 4-Cup
5 – Melitta Pour Over
6 – Coleman
7 – Keurig Mini
8 – Retro Breakfast Station
9 – Bunn
10 – Moka Pot

Don’t forget the grinder!

Gift the Ultimate Camping Basket

We have created a camping gift list that can be purchased to form an excellent RV gift basket. None of these items is on any of the other lists from this post. The collapsible wash bin serves as the basket in this set of fun gifts. This has got to be one of the best ways to shop!

gifts for a camping gift basket

Perfect RV Gifts

Need to get a gift for a happy camper that has all the basic camping gear? Here are 10 suggestions of unusual camping products that did not get many votes, but would make great gifts for RV campers nonetheless. These are broken up into two pricing categories. You will find a great idea for the family member that has it all.

Several people mentioned getting an Amazon Gift Card or an annual pass, such as the American the Beautiful Pass or a Harvest Hosts Membership. I think a state park pass, particularly Michigan, would be the perfect gift idea for me ;)!

Camping Gear Suggested by Experts

a happy camper

Stanley Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set: This cook set comes with a pot, frying pan, cutting board, spatula, serving spoon, plates, bowls, and sporks. It also packs really well. Adventure All In One Coffee System: I can’t go camping without a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning. This set is great addition to camping gear because it is a packable french press that doesn’t take up much space can be used anywhere. YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler: I love this cooler because it is so lighter than most coolers and keeps all our drinks and food cold.

— Michelle of The Wandering Queen. Michelle offers a free hiking basics course and runs The Wandering Queens, a fun Facebook group for women who love to camp and hike.


1. Air mattress, this body just can’t take sleeping on the ground. 2. French press for coffee because coffee is life. 3. Just started putting out a Thermacell on the picnic table for pest control and I like it so far.

— Deb of Just Short of Crazy, Long time tent camper & RV Lover

a happy camper family

Personally love the Sea to Summit Sleeping Bag Liner. It is a great way to increase warmth to sleeping bags without adding too much extra weight, as it packs down to just a 3 x 5 inches bag. What I love about this the most? It also works great as a standalone piece and as a travel sheet! For anybody that needs a cup of Joe before starting their day, then the coffee rocket maker by GSI Outdoors is the way to go. Weighing only 2.7oz, this one-cup coffee is simple to use and compact, making it perfect for travel and outdoor use. Lastly, when it is time to get dinner going, I love this The BioLite CampStove. It is a biomass-burning stove that you can use to boil water or even roast some smores. But the best things about it? It fints in a limited space and charges your electronics via a USB! Sure, at 33oz it is on the heavier side. The convenience it offers while out in the wilderness still makes this a fantastic, and practical great gift idea.

Rosanna Mitchell is a working momma that camps every month with her husband and two little explorers. Rosanna shares practical tips for family camping and outdoor adventures on her site, A Pragmatic Lens.

a happy camper family

Sawyer Mini: A water filter is one of the most essential pieces of outdoor gear and having one will allow you to enjoy the outdoors more. For example, you’ll be able to go wild camping on public lands and filter water from nearby streams. I always take my water filter with me on hikes too; filtering water along the way means I don’t have to carry as much in my stainless steel water bottle and significantly lighten my pack. The Sawyer Mini is incredibly cheap but very effective and reliable, which is why it is my top pick. Adventure Medical Kits Sportsman Outdoor First Aid Kit: Even though it’s not what you’d typically give as a gift, I have given first aid kits to many of my outdoorsy friends for their birthdays. I make sure the first aid kit has items specifically tailored for outdoor use, such as burn salve, tick removal tweezers, and electrolyte packets for rehydration. My friends are always grateful to get one of the kits (especially if they have been remiss about packing one themselves!). And, while it might seem a bit cheesy, gifting a first aid kit shows that I care about them. If you don’t want to build a first aid kit from scratch, the brand Adventure Medical Kits makes really great ones that are compact and lightweight enough for outdoor trips. The Sportsman Series is particularly good for campers. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker: There’s nothing like waking up and having a hot cup of coffee in pure, wild nature. Since I’m a bit of a coffee snob, I bring a portable espresso maker with me on some camping trips. The AeroPress works like a French press but is lightweight and durable – perfect for using on camping trips. It makes a great gift for any coffee lover who also loves the outdoors.

— Diane Vukovic is an expert camper who shares advice on how to unplug, get outdoors, and go wild camping with kids at her website Mom Goes Camping.

pie irons

A good Pie Iron is a great camping gift because the recipes are endless. We love making Pizza Sandwiches on the campfire. We don’t go anywhere without our Dewalt Cordless Fan! It’s super durable and the battery lasts a long time. It’s great on those hot days or to help keep the flys away. We take our Kelty Loveseat every time we go camping. It’s portable, lightweight, and folds up easily. Not to mention it’s comfortable to sit in!

— Melissa Garcia – Roaming My Planet, Daniel & Melissa love the outdoors. They enjoy camping and RVing with their 2 dogs. Daniel is the master chef at Campfire Cooking!

cookbook cover

1. Cast iron Dutch oven: you can cook anything anywhere with the right Dutch oven (needs feet underneath and a rim on the lid) 2. Lid lifter: if you are Dutch oven cooking, this is a lifesaver. Easily lift the lid to remove or rotate while cooking without burning yourself! 3. A comfy camp chair: because you are winding down and relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors!

— Laura Bashar from Family Spice, Laura has been camping with her family of 5 for the past 20 years. Active in scouting, she helped organize camp meals. In 2018, she wrote and photographed her 2nd cookbook, The Camp & Cabin Cookbook (Countryman Press), which includes 100 recipes that can be prepared over a campfire.

a happy camper

Leveling blocks make sure you have two sets. One for wheels and one for stabilizers. A Telescopic Extension Ladder. Bug zapper small one. Works great to zap pesky mosquitoes. Uno deck. Have had one since tent camping 30 years ago. Other various games.

— Rose & John Stock 30+ yrs camping as youths with parents and as a couple. From tent to 28 ft travel trailer! All over this country.

camping cookware

Our campfire rack, grill and hook set up. Reflectix for blocking sun in windows and covering ice chests. Blackstone 22″ griddle!

— Peggy & Paul S, RV enthusiasts and camping buddies of ours


Zero gravity chair, my Kindle because I love to sit outside and read, a good pair of hiking shoes because we love to go hiking.

— Denise E, longtime camper

a happy camper family

1) Outland Firebowl: it’s an outdoor portable propane fire pit that is a great heat source plus provides wonderful ambiance! It’s also able to be used in places where open fires are banned as it produces no sparks. 2) the large outdoor rug we place outside our RV door to keep so much stuff from being tracked inside. 3) our Blackstone griddle! We cook everything from breakfast to dinner on it and love it!

— Lisa GM, camping grandparent

a campfire

Blackstone griddle with quick connect hose. This one is perfect to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for the whole crew and is easy setup! Zero gravity recliner. Because camping is for relaxing, and these are the best way to relax by the fire with family and friends. X-chocks for my RV. Before I got these, I couldn’t figure out why there was so much movement inside. Once I bought these, it was a game-changer! Don’t forget a wireless backup camera.

— Logan E, RV owner

a happy camper family

1. The Little Book of Camping, by Friedman/Bush – This children’s book about camping helps to get kids excited for a camping trip. Both informational and entertaining, this book is great for preparing kids for a camping trip and for storytime at the campground. 2. Luci Solar String Lights – String lights are a fun way to personalize your campsite, while also providing light. These solar lights from MPOWERD don’t require electricity or batteries. These are also a great way to get teens excited for camping – our teens also love decorating their own tents with a set of Luci Solar String Lights. 3. Camping blanket from Kelty – A camping blanket is perfect for fall and winter camping. Use it to cozy up by the campfire, or to add more insulation in your sleeping bag on chilly nights. The stuff sack makes it easy to bring this blanket just about anywhere. We use it for travel, outdoor concerts, and chilly nights around our backyard firepit too.

— Kiersten, of Hiking In My Flip Flops, is a frequent tent camper and occasional RV camper. She, along with her husband and 3 children, love to explore their home state of Colorado.

a smiling woman

1. Female Urination Device, which allows me to discretely pee while hiking or at night. 2. Dutch Oven, which we use to bake all sorts of amazing camping recipes. 3. Portable Power Station, because it always comes in handy. 4. USA State Sticker Map, because it is fun to keep track of where we have camped.

— Diana, owner of this blog

a man by a campfire

1. The Log Grabber helps me to safely adjust and play with the campfire. 2. My 12″ Cast Iron Skillet which is great to use over the campfire or on the camp stove. 3. Tall folding table so that I can cook and do dishes without having to bend over.

— Eric, co-owner of this blog

Hope you have enjoyed this list of the best gifts for new RV owners. May this complete guide help you find the best camping gift you have ever given and you create a lot of happy campers!

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