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Green Chile Chicken Foil Packets

Green Chile Chicken Foil Packets are a delicious spin on traditional campfire hobo stew pockets.

Did you ever eat hobo pockets growing up?

We used to make a campfire and put all sorts of meat and vegetables inside foil and cook it in the coals of a hot fire.

I always wanted basic ingredients but as I have grown older my taste have changed.

Diana’s is the same thing. She grew up in the southwest and there was a lot of Hispanic influence in the food she ate. Her family loved putting green chiles and things but she would not eat them. Now she has become a fan. Our daughter loves anything with cream chiles and cheese.

We love coming up with new ideas in recipes and thought we would try a green chile spin on foil packets.

Green Chile Chicken Camping Recipe

In addition to heavy-duty aluminum foil, you need chicken green chiles cream of chicken soup, and cumin and cheese.

Pair two pieces of aluminum foil from the roll. Apply some spray oil to the foil.

Place a piece of chicken onto the aluminum foil. We had some large chicken breasts so we cut them in half.

Sprinkle salt pepper and cumin onto the chicken.

Place a large scoop of cream of chicken soup on top of the chicken.

Place the desired amount of green chiles on top of the soup.

Tightly wrap up the aluminum foil and place the packet into the hot coals of your campfire.

Cook for 20-30 minutes depending on the temperature of your fire.

When the chicken is cooked open up the packet and sprinkle Monterey Jack cheese on top.

These turn up to be delicious.

We enjoyed the south of the border flavor of these hobo pockets.

We ate them with a side of refried black beans.

It would be great with sour cream.

The next time we are going to add a little more cream of chicken soup and green chiles.

What flavors do you like to put into your foil packet?

Cheese Green Chile Chicken Foil Packet

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