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DIY Hanging Shelf Pantry

Add a hanging shelf to your RV with this simple tutorial.Simple DIY Hanging Shelf Hack for a Pop-Up Camper - Make this simple hanging shelf with an old wire shelf and a few other inexpensive items. It helps you keep the trailer organized. #PopUpCamper #trailer #mod #DIY
We own a pop-up trailer. It has four loops attached to the ceiling for a hanging pantry. The pantry did not come with the used RV and I was not willing to pay for an rv hanging pantry replacement, so I decided to create my own. See how easy it is to make a hanging pantry shelf for your trailer.

DIY Hanging Shelf for RV


Wire shelf
Grosgrain ribbon (I used 1″ wide)
Book rings (Dollar Tree)
Sewing machine with matching thread


Determine how far down you want your shelf to hang.
Cut four ribbon pieces double the length of the hanging length. I wanted mine to hang down about a foot and a half, so I cut four 2.5 foot pieces.
Fold up about 1” of the end of each ribbon and sew in place along the top edge. This will form a loop to put the book ring through.
Repeat this for all eight ends.
Loop the ribbon through the loop in the ceiling.
Open a book ring and place it through both end loops of the ribbon and close over the outside edge of the wire shelf, making sure to evenly hang it.

How simple is that? Our shelf hangs over the inside kitchen in our pop-up trailer. We store snacks up on the shelf. It’s easy and convenient. The shelf can be taken down and the ribbons left up between set-up.

If you need more room for more outside gear, check out this trailer tongue storage hack. See how easy it is to make a new dinette tabletop.

We will be taking a 3-week trip next month that will have us camping in 8 different campgrounds. That is a long time to be gone in a pop-up. This shelf will help us keep everything organized inside our trailer. We keep our food cool longer with this homemade cooler cover. We also do our own laundry with the hand-powered washing machine that we made using buckets.

How do you keep all your possessions organized in your pop-up camper? Keep messes in your camper at a minimum with these fun roasting fork covers.

Don C

Tuesday 17th of May 2022

Did the small brackets in the roof come from the factory that way or did you install them? If you installed, how did you seat and seal them?

Thank You,


Diana Hansen

Thursday 19th of May 2022

They came in the roof. I believe they were added specifically for a hanging pantry, but we bought it used and it wasn't included.


Thursday 17th of June 2021

the shelf is pretty thin , couldn't you just leave it in place when you lower the pup , very clever idea ! Thanks

Let's Camp S'more

Thursday 17th of June 2021

It is possible depending on whether your bunk end slides interfere.


Sunday 9th of September 2018

What are the things you used on the ceiling? You did not mention them


Monday 10th of September 2018

Those little loops were attached to the ceiling when we got the trailer. We believe there originally was a cloth pantry box that hung there.


Thursday 12th of April 2018

great idea, I know that it must help we own a RV and have little room in kitchen area thanks for sharing


Friday 13th of April 2018

Thanks so much, Angie.


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

What a great way to maximize space in your camper. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. Hope to see you next week!


Tuesday 10th of April 2018

Thanks, Jenny!

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