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Camping, You are doing it right!
Is there a right or wrong way to camp? NO!
However you camp, you are doing it right!!
Whether you are in a tent or RV, boondocking in the woods or in a crowded campground, or pitching a tent in your backyard, YOU are camping!

Camping Made Easy!

Hello, Happy Campers! We are Eric & Diana. Experienced campers from Illinois who help camping enthusiasts simplify the outdoor process so they can relax and enjoy their next camping trip.

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Latest Posts

  • S’more Charcuterie Board
    Make a S’more Charcuterie Board on your next trip. Everyone can make their favorite camping dessert with this Chocolate Charcuterie Board.
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    Struggling to light a fire? Make your own Cotton Ball Fire Starters for a quick light fire, even in wet or humid conditions.
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    Try this DIY Camper Mattress Hack to save money and sleep better tonight! It works on all RV mattress sizes.
  • Best Camping Pizza Recipes
    Want pizza when you camp? Here are the best Camping Pizza Recipes out there!
  • Campfire Pizza Bread
    Create this yummy pizza pull-apart bread recipe over the campfire on your next trip.
  • Middle Fork Campground – Illinois
    Enjoy camping at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve in Champaign County, Illinois.

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