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Painted Rocks

Hide and seek Painted Rocks when you camp.

Have you seen the trend to paint and hide rocks for others to find? Painted rocks is a great family activity. Kids just love to find these hidden treasures. Join this movement so there are more rocks for all of us to find. Paint it forward!!

How to Create Painted Rocks


Acrylic Paint
Permanent Markers
Nail Polish
Paint Sealer
Paint Brushes & Sponges


Find and collect small rocks. Flat rocks are easiest to paint. Make sure to check the rules to make sure it’s OK to take rocks from wherever you are.
Write a message on the back. This can be location, URL, FB Group such as RVing Rocks! or USA PAINT ROCKS ETC., or directions for contacting you.
Paint your design on the top of the rock. You can paint the same design to create your signature look or paint them however you want. Be creative!

Let the paint dry.
Seal your painted design with a paint sealer. You can use a spray like this or Mod Podge.
Let the sealer dry.

Hide your rock in a place that can be found the next time you are camping. This can be at a playground, bathroom, trail head, or other well-traveled location.
Seek other painted rocks.

I saw a video on one of my FB groups of someone heating up rocks and then melting crayon on them. We tried this out and it was lots of fun. Just use good quality crayons.

Our daughter has been less than thrilled about being away from her friends as we take our camping vacations this summer. Our travels have been less painful with the inclusion of painted rocks. Campground hide and seek of decorated rocks is a favorite activity. We found several pretty rocks on a trip to Wisconsin.

We will be leaving rocks at all the rest areas and campgrounds we visit on our Circle Lake Michigan trip. If you find one of our rocks, please let us know.

We’d love to see a photo shared on our Facebook page or leave a comment below. If you post on social media, please use the hashtag #PaintItForward
How to Paint Rocks for Camping - Looking for a fun family activity while camping? Create Painted Rocks to hide and seek out in nature. This is a great outdoor craft for the entire family. #paint #craft #camping

Madeline Hirsch

Saturday 18th of August 2018

Hello, do we sign up for this. I think it would be fun to join and hide painted rocks. I found one last year that I have with me and will hide it soon. Do I need to do anything to join? Thanks, Madeline Hirsch


Monday 20th of August 2018

Madeline, I recommend you find an area painted rocks group on Facebook. That is where we've seen the most success and connection for rocks. We have only hidden a few rocks compared to most of these groups. Those groups should give you lots of inspiration, too.

Renee V

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

We have a local painted rock group that hides them around town for kids. I'll have to have the kids do some for our next trip.


Thursday 31st of May 2018

Kids have so much with them!

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