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How to Secure an RV Awning Bag

Do this simple mod to secure your RV Awning Bag to your trailer and keep it from blowing in the wind as you drive.
How to Secure an RV Awning Bag Mod Tutorial - If you have an RV with an awning bag you know that it flaps around when you driving in windy conditions. Do this simple mod to secure it in place. This hack is cheap and easy to do. #RV #awning #mod #popupcamper

Does the awning on your trailer flap in the wind as you drive down the highway? Check out this simple modification that Mod Squad member, Steve B, had done to the awning bag on his pop-up trailer to keep it in place. We liked this RV Awning Bag mod so much that we did it to our trailer too.

Back in 2013, we towed our pop-up trailer out to Colorado for vacation. As we traveled across windy Kansas and onto Colorado, our awning bag was flapping and pulling away from the trailer.

We didn’t know what to do about it and it got worse as our trip went on. One day the awning bag caught a gust as we were driving and started to rip away from the trailer.

Not having any tools or supplies to fix it, we ended up ditching it in a campground dumpster.

We should have removed it and stored in the aisle of the trailer.

We could have had a new RV awning bag sewn for it and enjoyed the shade that an awning provides.

RV Awning Bag Mod

Our camping friend, Steve, faced the same issue. His awning bag was tearing so he had a new one sewn up.

He had pieces of strong Velcro sewn to the underside of the awning bag.

Then he stuck the other side of the Velcro to his trailer.

He also put a screw through the channel that holds the awning bag in place that caught the awning bag to keep it from sliding out.

These simple mods will help keep your awning back in good shape for years!

If you are not replacing your awning bag, you can cut pieces of sticky industrial Velcro to stick to the bag and trailer. Just cut and stick!

You can see how we did this for our trailer.

Here is a view looking up at the awning bag where you can see the Velcro.

Our awning stayed in place on our recent 3-week trip.

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Cathy Ethington

Monday 8th of July 2019

Where did you get a new awning bag ? Our awning is great ,it's attached to the camper/pop up. But the bag has always been a tight fit. It's tearing, we need a new bag. We also live in Illinois. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Friday 19th of July 2019

My friend who submitted this to us used a marine upholstering shop in Chicago. He recommended an auto upholstery shop too.

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