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Trailer Tongue Storage Mod

Check out this RV Tongue Storage Mod submitted by Mod Squad member, Ken P.

Extra storage is always nice, both at home and RVing.  Here is a mod that adds a larger storage tub with a lid to the front tongue of a trailer.

RV Tongue Storage Mod

Ken started by moving his LP tanks and their base forward on the trailer frame. He made sure there was clearance for the tongue wheel crank handle. Moving the tanks freed up space for him to add the storage tub and sewer pipe. Rather than using hardware to attach the thick plastic bucket onto the tongue, Ken used a ratchet strap.  He cut some slits in the bottom of the bucket and ran the straps through.  He placed the ratchet/tightening part inside the bucket to protect it.  The slits could still allow some water to get in, so Ken uses the bucket for outside stuff.  You could do this mod with u-bolts or even straight bolts with large washers to achieve the same effect of attaching the tub to the frame.

You can also see that Ken used the built-in hasps on the tub for locks to keep the contents secure.

Sewage Hose Storage Mod

Like many other RVers, Ken has an onboard toilet.  That is convenient for not having to make so many trips up to the bathroom while camping.  Of course, you then have to dump your black water tank.  The hose used for dumping can get gross.  Storing the tube INSIDE your trailer is disgusting!  Ken used larger PVC pipes with an oversized end to store his hose.  The wider end allows him to keep the fitting nozzle in place. He used regular wire strap that is flexible to wrap around the tube and then bolt to the frame. The end has a screw on cover.
We want to thank Ken for sharing these great mods with us. We hope it has inspired you to add more outside storage to your trailer.
RV Trailer Tongue Storage Mod Tutorial - Need more space for outdoor items for your RV? Follow this easy tongue storage modification and keep your dirty or greasy items on the outside of your RV.

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Jean Powell

Friday 13th of August 2021

This is great

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