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Easy Weekend Camping Menus

Make your next camp out easy with this Simple Weekend Camping Menu. There are three easy meal plans with a total of 27 campsite recipes within this post with a download link to all the menus at the bottom of the post.

Simple Camping Recipes Collage

Easy Camping Menu Plans

We usually take off for a weekend trip on Friday afternoon, so we will either prepare something at home to eat at the campsite or prep the ingredients so that cooking can be done quickly after arriving.

Easy is also the name of the game for Sunday lunch. We are usually packing up, so a quick bite is a must. 

All the camping cookware we use at the campground and within the menus can be found here.

Food for Camping Weekend

Make your next camp trip easier with these three menu camping plans filled with easy camping recipes. Combine for a season full of happy camper tummies!

As you can see, there is a huge variety within these camping menus. With so many options, you can pick your favorite recipes. Add in Frugal Camping Meals and get even more options.

Simple Weekend Camping Menu Plan #1

This first weekend trip menu includes campfire s’mores and cookies. To prepare all of these recipes, you will need a Dutch ovenpie irons, and foil pans.

Friday Dinner: Crab Salad

We make this refreshing Crab Salad ahead of time at home to take for our first night of camping. For a heartier meal, substitute spiral pasta for the coleslaw mix.

plate of crab salad

Friday Dessert: Nacho S’mores

If you are a fan of s’mores, you will love these S’more Nachos. They are baked over the campfire in a foil pan or on the grill in a cast-iron skillet. This must-make dessert is so yummy, so it is sure to be a hit with everyone!

foil pan filled with nacho s'mores

Saturday Breakfast: Mountain Man Breakfast

Make this hearty Mountain Man Breakfast Casserole in the Dutch oven with your choice of potatoes and meat. The easiest version is created with hash brown potatoes.

dutch oven filled with mountain man breakfast

Saturday Lunch: Campfire Pizza Sandwiches

Here is a unique way to get a pizza taste over the campfire. The kids will love making their own Pie Iron Pizza Sandwich.

plate with 2 campfire sandwiches

Saturday Snack: Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Sticks

These Bacon-Wrapped Mozzarella Sticks are AMAZING! You will want them for EVERY camping trip!!

Saturday Dinner: Dutch Oven Chicken & Vegetables

This Camping Chicken & Veggies Recipe is one of our very favorite camping meals. There is a little bit of chopping of vegetables involved, but otherwise, you dump it all into the Dutch oven and cook! Seasoning salt adds so much flavor to this filling dish.

dutch oven chicken over veggies

Saturday Dessert: Easy Chocolate Cake

Check out this amazing Dutch Oven Chocolate Cake. It is easy to make using a cake mix and a few other fun ingredients.

dutch oven chocolate cake

Sunday Breakfast: Breakfast in a Bag

Here is a fun cooking trick that really works with bacon & eggs. Just make sure to follow the directions for this Breakfast in a Bag carefully!

eggs and bacon made in a paper bag

Saturday Lunch: Reuben Campfire Sandwiches

This yummy Reuben-Inspired Sandwich is toasted in a pie iron..

campfire reuben sandwich

Easy Camping Menu #2

This second menu plan features a fun spin on nachos and pizza. You will need a Dutch ovenpie ironsroasting forksheavy-duty foil, and foil pans for all of these recipes.

Friday Dinner: Grilled Nachos

These Campfire Nachos can be prepared with different ingredients, so it is easy to personalize for each person. This is bound to be a favorite for every camping trip!

2 pans of campfire nachos

Friday Dessert: Grilled Peach Crisp

This tasty dessert is cooked over the campfire, so you can grill it at the same time as the nachos. The family is sure to love this Campfire Peach Crisp Recipe.

pan of grilled peach crisp

Saturday Breakfast: French Toast Casserole

This yummy Dutch Oven French Toast Recipe is tastiest if you prep it the night before. Do not forget to pack the syrup!

french toast casserole in foil

Saturday Lunch: Frozen Pizza over the Campfire

Yes, you can make Frozen Pizza while Camping! This is sure to be another hit with the kids.

close up of a cheese pizza with onions

Saturday Snack: S’more Snack Mix

This simple S’mores Snack Mix can be made ahead of time or mixed up out at the campground. This post also contains some (free) camping-themed party decorations that you can download and print.

s'more snack mix

Saturday Dinner: Salisbury Steak

This hearty Dutch Oven Salisbury Steak is baked in a delicious mushroom gravy. Serve it with Campfire Rolls on a Stick.

camping salisbury steak

Saturday Dessert: Dutch Oven Brownies

Stack Dutch ovens and bake these Camping Brownies at the same time as the Salisbury Steak. If you have one Dutch oven, use liners (buy here or make your own) for easy clean-up between bakes.

Brownie Mix made in a Dutch oven

Sunday Breakfast: Campfire Breakfast Sandwiches

Make a Knock-off Sausage Egg McMuffin over the campfire.

camping egg mcmuffin sandwich

Sunday Lunch: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches

This huge Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich is made over the campfire. Look at all that cheese!

campfire philly cheesesteak sandwich

Weekend Camping Food #3

Variety is the name of the game with this third camping menu list. To prepare all these recipes, you will need a Dutch ovenpie ironscast-iron skilletroasting forks, and foil.

Friday Dinner: Kielbasa & Cabbage

This Kielbasa and Cabbage Recipe cooks quickly in a cast-iron skillet on a camp stove or over the campfire.

kielbasa and cabbage in a skillet over a campfire

Friday Dessert: Frosting S’mores

S’mores with Frosting is Diana’s favorite way to make a s’more. Pile the chocoloate on thick with this handheld treat.

hand holding a s'more made with chocolate frosting

Saturday Breakfast: Giant Cinnamon Roll

This HUGE Cinnamon Roll is so much fun to make in a Dutch oven!

giant cinnamon roll

Saturday Lunch: Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Dogs

This Camping Hot Dog Recipe is a tasty way to dress up a plain old hot dog!

cheese stuffed bacon wrapped hot dog with condiments

Saturday Snack: Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites

Make these tasty Protein Balls at home before you go to the campground.

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Bites

Saturday Dinner: Roasted Chicken

This finger-licking Whole Chicken Cooked in the Campfire does NOT look pretty, but it tastes amazing!

whole chicken roasted in a campfire

Saturday Dessert: Classic Dump Cake

This Dutch Oven Dump Cake is just like the classic recipe, only better! Pineapple and pecans are optional.

Dump Cake with pecans

Sunday Breakfast: Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Get the taste of a favorite dessert in this healthy camping breakfast recipe.

carrot cake oatmeal

Sunday Lunch: Charcuterie Board

Build an epic Charcuterie Board using prepared ingredients. This is particularly good for feeding a big group.

overhead view of a charcuterie board on a picnic table

As you can see, there is a huge variety within these camping menus. With so many options, you will not be wondering what to cook any longer. These are the top camping recipes.

More Camping Recipe Collections

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Monday 5th of September 2022

Fun ideas. I'm also looking for ideas that don't require a fire to cook. We usually only have a fire after dinner and most of these meals require coals for the Dutch oven and or fire. Thanks!

Diana Hansen

Friday 9th of September 2022

Happy camping!

Tina Harris

Monday 26th of October 2020

Love all your ideas. We r brand new to the RV. Life. Very excited to get traveling.

Let's Camp S'more

Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Welcome to RVing!

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