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Simple Weekend Camping Menus

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Make your next camp out easy with this Simple Weekend Camping menu. There are four meal plans within this post with a download link to all the menus at the bottom of the post.

We are members of several camping groups and forums. One topic we see touched on repeatedly is people wondering what to cook when they camp. Most mention that they are tired of hamburgers and hot dogs.

To help you out, we have put together four simple camping menus for a weekend of camping. These plans are focused on a camping trip that goes from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. If you will be going out longer, just mix and match the lists.

Easy Weekend Camping Menu

We usually take off for a weekend trip on Friday afternoon, so we will either prepare something at home to eat at the campsite or prep the ingredients so that cooking can be done quickly after arriving.

Easy is also the name of the game for Sunday lunch. We are usually packing up, so a quick bite is a must. 

All the camping cookware that we use out at the campground and within the menus can be found here.

Weekend Camping Menu Plans

Make your next camp trip easier with these four menu plans filled with easy camping recipes. Mix and match for a season full of happy camper tummies!

Simple Weekend Camping Menu #1

This first trip food includes campfire s'mores and cookies. To prepare these recipes, you will need a Dutch oven, pie irons, and foil pans.

Easy Camping Menu #2

This menu plan features a fun spin on nachos and pizza. You will need a Dutch oven, pie irons, roasting forks, heavy-duty foil, and foil pans for these recipes.

Weekend Camping Menu #3

Variety is the name of this menu list. To prepare all these recipes, you will need a Dutch oven, pie irons, cast-iron skillet, roasting forks, and foil.

Easy Camping Menu #4

For this final menu plan, you will need a Dutch oven, pie irons, cast-iron skillet, cast-iron griddle, and foil pans.

As you can see, there is a huge variety within these camping menus. With so many options, you can mix and match your favorite recipes.

Click here to download the menu list. The download has links to each recipe and necessary cookware.

Free Site Occupied Camping Printable
Walking Taco Nachos

Tina Harris

Monday 26th of October 2020

Love all your ideas. We r brand new to the RV. Life. Very excited to get traveling.

Let's Camp S'more

Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Welcome to RVing!