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RV Running Lights Hack

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Use this simple running lights hack to light up your RV at night.

Rockwood Mini Light camper with it's running lights on when unhitched

Have you ever seen an RV exterior running lights on an unhitched trailer at night? Do you wonder how they have the lights on without running down a battery? Use this quick running lights hack to make it happen.

When we were staying at Wyalusing State Park we became friends with a camping neighbor named Juan. We were sitting around his campfire and when it started to get dark he went over and turned his RV running lights on. We were wondering how he did this.

Juan told us about how he was at another Wisconsin State Park and most of the campers had their running lights on and it looked cool. He inquired how it was done and tested it out for himself.

Juan shared how he did this to us and now we are sharing it with you.

Trailer Running Lights Stay On Hack

Here is a look at Juan’s 7-way hitch receiver plug with a fuse plugged into it.

7-way plug with a fuse in it to make running lights work when unplugged

This trailer lights hack involves putting a fuse into your hitch plug. You need a 10 amp or a 15 amp fuse.

Juan used a 15 amp for his trailer’s 7-pin connector plug. Stick the fuse into two adjacent slots at a time until the running lights come on.

7-pin connector plug with a fuse in it to make running lights work when unplugged

That is it! You might need to test different slots for it to work. We cannot guarantee that this will work for all campers.

If you are plugged into an electrical pole, you will not draw from the battery with this mod. If you are not plugged in, you will draw from the battery.

Not all people are fans of RV lights being on all night. Please be a good neighbor and remove the fuse before bed.

back of a RV camper with the running lights on while unplugged at a campground with running lights hack words overlay

Thank you to Juan for sharing this simple RV hack. We enjoyed meeting Juan, Jessie, Vinny, and Alex. We are camping friends for life and they are official members of the Let’s Camp S’more Mod Squad. May our paths cross again sometime in the near future!

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